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The recommended daily dose of Cialis is receiving 20 mg (1 tablet). The tablet should be taken 15 minutes before the alleged sexual contact, regardless of the meal. The drug Cialis has a prolonged action, you can attempt to carry out sexual intercourse within 36 hours and to work out the optimum time receiving individual. Older patients advised similar dose - not more than 20 milligrams per day. Special selection of the dose of the drug to patients with a functional disorder of the liver and kidney are required. Cialis is not intended for the use of persons under 18 years of age. Cialis has no significant effect on the concentration of alcohol in the blood of a single admission. However, do not take the drug at the use of large doses of alcohol. Buy Cialis Online Buy Cialis Online you can at our pharmacy. We have been working for many years, and have proved themselves in the market of goods. Buy Cialis anonymously in our online pharmacy does not deliver work.

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